Testing a prototype or a developed design is as important as the rest of the design and manufacturing processes. Thorough testing and evaluation can help ensure a product’s viability, guarantees that it meets relevant regulations, and help reveal critical areas for improvement.

Rely on Adpros’s engineering services to design or assess your concept’s ability to meet a given requirement, simulate a product’s functioning, develop a prototype or produce a short run.


Here are the many testing services Adpros offers:

  • Durability, fatigue, vibration, drop testing, mechanical and electrical testing, including mechanical aptitude testing and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Prototyping and finding solutions for electrical routing systems issues and other mechanical problems
  • Soundproof 12’x12’ room designed to neutralize wave or electromagnetic interference to conduct various testing methodologies
  • Tooling and process automation
  • Development and manufacturing of test benches